miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

#teestart Just an adventure

Dealing with the development of an idea is not easy, it´s just an #adventure.  When you come up with some views and thoughts and you want to put it into practice, you probably don´t really know how.  That is what happens to us and bit by bit we are getting closer to start our adventure.
Decisions are difficult but some things have to be done so you can realise if you are on the right way. 
Our first point was:  “What type of product we want to be #recognized by our public and the people in general?”
We found that #teeshirts could be a good alternative .A product that everybody can wear with a characteristic #logo and one-of-a kind #customized piece of #clothing for each one.
A garment with a distinctive design but a completely different story for everyone who dares to wear it. A #symbol that you would be #involved actively in something real and be part of it.
The logo was done, and it´s what you see around this blog. Also It has a name but I know you can guess without reading this. We decided to #teestart this adventure slowly but surely and with determination…
We will explain more things about our challenge of creating this concept of clothing shortly.
Have a nice week.

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