martes, 2 de julio de 2013

The Design and the Seamstress

The #Summer just #Tee started when we wrote our last post. We are based near #Barcelona and we feel the #SunnyDays have arrived at last. Anyway! We will continue to explain our search for a #Fashionable piece of #Clothing.
Having the #Brand name and #Logo we had to do the next step #Design the #T-shirt!!
That´s very complicated or simple depending on how the way you look at it. Well ! #Designing wasn´t so easy but at the end. We decided not to have a flashy t-shirt and put a #Distinctive #Hallmark (The Logo, obviously!!.and that was easy) .
The t-shirt hasn´t just got only a logo, it also has some #Handcrafted work.(and that was difficult).
We visited some seamstresses from small local companies until we found some helpful people to advise us about it. So let´s testing!!
Next chapter will be looking for material! See you soon

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