miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Awaiting for the #Tees and the shots

Still waiting for the #T-shirts?? Yesss.!! We are expecting “the final” results. Meanwhile, we have made a new label to put it bellow the #Tee on the right hand side . It´s very similar to the one we had but smaller size. Everybody thought the one we had was huge…so we considered and accepted to make a change. I know that you haven´t seen them yet but once we get the photos and the web finished you´ll be able to have a look not just the t-shirts, you also will discover a new way of experience related with our brand.

All the manufacture and customization process is quite slow and our patience is running out by moments but the excitement give us enough energy to carry on with this new project.

Just can´t wait to get some shots!!! photo shots!!

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