miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

Choosing the #Fabric

We needed for our #T-shirts a gentle #Fabric. So we had to go to different suppliers to find something appropriate for this #Project like a good quality and soft texture and a good range of #Colours.
Got them!but there were no cheap at all. I believe that If you want a certain standing in the main material of your product you will sacrifice a bit for your future clients because… They want the best value!!
At the #Teestart we didn´t consider making many #Designs but it was necessary to choose among different #Colour #Schemes for variety.
Once we had the main pieces we did some tests of the design, #Sewing, #Stitching and the #Embroidery, etc .Also we could find a local company and stitched the logo with jacquard loom on a fine knit of acrylic fiber for the #Label.
Also we had to consider other things like the price tag, the packaging…and…Not to forget the web site!!
After this brainstorm.., then we asked…”Is there someone who is able to take professional-looking photos?? “
Getting some images would be another episode! 

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