martes, 16 de julio de 2013

#Image at #Firstsight

Getting some neat #Images to show the product in your #Web site or shop, etc, is one of the keys to catch your future customer´s eye. The #Firstimpression it´s important ,so we decided to work with a photographer to help the #Brand look a bit cool and professional.
Once we arranged a photo session we had to persuade some people to be “models”. We only just wanted a girl and a boy to wear our  #T-shirts. We didn´t know how to find  them so at the end we talked to some people that we knew…I still remember their faces when we suggest them to became models for one day…. That was funny!!
We convinced them but now we need the main thing. The #T-shirts!!  We must wait a bit more and have time enough to get a nice finished.
Well…we are still working on it but we are getting there! .We´ll see the final results in a couple of weeks!! . Fingers crossed.

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